Critical & Serious
Illness Cover

“When a critical illness like cancer comes into your life, the last thing you need is money worries.”

exchange wealth management mortgages equity release protection insurance financial planning liverpool merseyside

Ian Ward CeMAP CeRER


exchange wealth management mortgages equity release protection insurance financial planning liverpool merseyside

Critical illness insurance will provide you with a lump sum payment if you suffer from one of the illnesses listed within a policy. If you become critically ill, a one-off payment may help provide you with financial support for your mortgage or any other commitments you may have. There are many different critical illness policies available and we recommend taking professional advice to ensure you have the cover you need should you be taken ill.

Does everyone need critical illness insurance?
Case Study - Our Client
Why take professional advice?

Does everyone need critical illness insurance?

Absolutely not and we can help you understand if you need critical illness cover. If you have enough savings to fall back on and you would be comfortable using them to meet your financial commitments if you become ill, then you might not need serious illness cover. Or if you have a partner who can cover your costs should you become ill then you may not need critical illness insurance. The question we would pose to you is whether you could afford not to have insurance in place should you become seriously ill. Nobody wants to pay for it but it can be so important to provide financial support for you and your family right when you need it.

Case Study - Our Client

We were invited to assist a client of ours – a couple in their fifties – with a remortgage on their family home. With full time jobs and three young children, school fees to pay and plans to make home improvements, our clients made sure they stayed fit and healthy by regularly engaging in fitness activities. We were saddened to receive a phone call from the mother to let us know she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Fortunately we had arranged a critical illness insurance policy for the couple and our client wanted to find out if there was anything we could do.

We assisted the client with getting the claim documentation together to send to the provider of her critical and serious illness insurance along with the specialist oncology reports. The client was delighted to find out that the insurer had approved a payment of £25,000 to be made. This has made things slightly easier for the client and her loved ones at a very difficult time and they were able to focus on treatment and spending time together as a family.

Why take professional advice?

At Exchange Wealth Management Mortgages we are experienced and qualified in recommending the best level of critical illness cover for your individual needs. Not all illnesses are covered so it is worth speaking to a professional to get the most comprehensive cover for you.
To get in touch with a member of our independent advice team just fill out our contact form, send us an email or call our office and we will offer you an initial free of charge consultation.

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